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  • Who Are Scot And Emily?

    Welcome…The World Is About To Become Your Playground. We’re Scot and Emily McKay, just a couple of rambunctious dating coaches whose lifestyle allows us to work from anywhere in the world. All we need is an Internet connection. Well, and a passport. Maybe a visa. And pos...

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  • Adventure Travel For The Whole Family

    Isn’t it a bummer how so few families go on real, honest-to-goodness adventures nowadays? It seems as if so many of us are content to have a home, a car, 2.5 kids and a microwave oven, all the while repeating the same routine every day. We wake up, go to work, come home, ha...

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  • All-Time Top 10 Travel Adventures (And Some Honorable Mentions)

    Indeed, to most people the idea of going on real, live global adventures outside the cocoon of an all-inclusive resort is so outrageous…so exotic…so to seem downright crazy. Hell, it’s still that way to me....

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  • Top 10 Bizarre Taxi Rides

    Video:  Amritsar Traffic…One Hectic Ride In India. No matter how much we travel, there’s ONE particular part of it that we just can’t ever seem to master, no matter how hard we try. That’s dealing with taxis, and taxi drivers in particular. It always seems that there...

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  • 89 Airlines Later, The Best And Worst

    I’ve got a weird confession to make.  I have an unnaturally strong fascination with commercial air travel.  So much so that I keep a list of the airports I’ve flown through (180), the aircraft types I’ve flown on (71) and—of course—which airlines I’ve flown ...

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  • Galapagos Islands On The Cheap

    Video: Awkward Turtles It was early autumn, 1991. I found myself at JFK airport waiting for a flight to Caracas, Venezuela.   I had won the trip so I was super excited about it. A woman who must have been in her eighties sat next to me.   She was quite outgoing, and broke the.....

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  • Trekking To The Arctic Circle Via The Dalton Hwy

    Video:  Not the ice road…at least not in August. “Oh, I don’t think you’re going to want to do that.” Standing on a rent-a-car lot in Anchorage, the guy helping us had gotten wind of our intentions to drive the infamous Dalton Highway. “We tried that two summers ago....

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  • Surprises In Siem Reap Cambodia

    Video:  Here’s a view from the Angkor Complex that you don’t often see…enjoy! We had been sitting at lunch during a group tour two years earlier in a completely different country.  As is inevitably the case, the conversation among fellow travelers turned to favorite desti...

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  • Skyscraper’s Paradise: Australia’s Gold Coast

    Video:  Hanging Out At Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo I took up surfing back in my freshman year of college. It’s no coincidence that around that same time I started subscribing to Surfer magazine. And let me tell you, while the spellbinding pictures from Hawaii found betwe...

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  • Cairo: Calm Before The Storm

    Video:  A 360-degree view from behind the Pyramids, featuring our tour guide Amina A lot of help the television documentaries are, right?  All they ever show you are the “mysteries of King Tut’s tomb” and the “secrets of the Great Pyramid”.  But once we’re all hot ...

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  • Nicaragua: The New Costa Rica?

    Video: Scot Is A Dork And Forgets Where He Is “Cambio! Cambio! Cambio!” At least a dozen full-grown (and decidedly scruffy) men bum-rushed the doors of the bus right as they opened, and immediately started shouting…all the while waving surreal, almost Breaking Bad-l...

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  • Amritsar: The India Too Few Westerners Ever See

    Video: A Rare Glimpse Of The Golden Temple By Day Every American, Canadian and Western European person should visit India at least once in his or her life. You may have heard before that you can’t come back from India the same person as when you left, and it’s absolutely true...

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  • Respect For Canyonlands National Park

    Video:  One way to conquer your fear of heights…Mesa Arch! (UPDATE: Walking on this arch was BANNED a couple of years after this video was shot) Quick…name a national park in Utah. Okay…now another. And another. My guess is that had you not already seen the title of th...

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  • Belarus:  The Forgotten European Destination

    I thought for a good five minutes about exactly which adjective to use in the title.  The right one may yet be eluding me. After all, Belarus isn’t exactly “forgotten”…or is it?  From the American perspective, I suspect more of us are simply ill-informed about it.  One...

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  • Seoul: The Unsung Hero Of Asian Cities?

    Video:  The fascinating experience of visiting the DMZ   Flying into Gimpo International Airport, we didn’t know what to expect.  Having arrived by night, I’ll admit to the utterly dorky and ignorant impression that Seoul seemed sort of like Tokyo, only with more rando...

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  • A Blast In Beijing

    Video:  A little “bucket list motivation” from atop The Great Wall (where else?) Before we went there, I knew few people personally who had ever been.  Yet, as a part-time world traveler the allure of China was unmistakable.  Yes, there was all of that history.  Plus ther...

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  • Albanian Weirdness In Tirane

    Video:  Tirane Under Construction “Holy crap. We’re actually in Albania, huh?” Emily’s 15 year old son Dave was taking it all in.  Surely, no sooner than ten minutes after crossing the Albanian border from Montenegro (without drama), there we were about to be served a ...

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Isn’t it amazing how we live in the Land of the Free, yet most of us are chained to our desks…and our debt? We’re Scot and Emily McKay, and we believe life should be an adventure…one that’s lived in real-time, not just watched on TV.

We put aside all of our preconceived limitations and went for it…all for less money and with fewer hassles than we ever dreamed possible. Aren’t you ready to join us?

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Scot and Emily McKay -- Great Barrier Reef, Australia

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The Devil's Swimming Pool At Victoria Falls

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Ta Prohm Temple Near Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Crossing the Yukon River on Alaska Hwy 11, aka The Dalton Highway

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